Asteroid Discovered Only 2 Hours Prior To Fly-By

A newly discovered asteroid designated 2017 SU17 flew past Earth at 0.72 LD (~ 276 480 km / 171 796 miles) at 08:12 UTC on September 24, 2017. This is now the second known asteroid to flyby Earth within 1 LD on September 24, and the 33rd since the start of the year, according to data available at CNEOS on September 29.

2017 SU17 belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids. It was first observed at ATLAS-HKO, Haleakala on September 26, 2017, two days after it flew by us.

This asteroid made its closest approach to our planet at 08:12 UTC on September 24 at a speed (relative to the Earth) of 8.44 km/s.

Its estimated size is between 6.9 and 16 m (22 – 52 feet).

Ephemeris | Orbit Diagram | Orbital Elements | Physical Parameters | Close-Approach Data ]

This is the second known asteroid to flyby Earth within 1 lunar distance on September 24. The other one is designated 2017 SS12 and it flew past us some 7 hours after SU17.

Ephemeris | Orbit Diagram | Orbital Elements | Physical Parameters ]


Asteroid 2017 SU17 at Minor Planet Center; CNEOS

Featured image: The green line indicates the object’s apparent motion relative to the Earth, and the bright green marks are the object’s location at approximately one-hour intervals. The Moon’s orbit is grey. The blue arrow points in the direction of Earth’s motion and the yellow arrow points toward the Sun. Credit: Minor Planet Center

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