This Is Happening Everywhere: Earthquake In Bali Triggers Volcanic Eruption

authorities evacuate area around mount agung volcano following earthquake
Earthquake in Bali Triggers Huge Volcano Eruption Volcanic activity at Mount Agung following 5.7 magnitude tremor strikes on 21st September 2017
11.31am authorities evacuate area around mount agung volcano following earthquake. Authorities evacuate area around Mount Agung volcano following earthquake The latest earthquake to strike in Indonesia has triggered a volcanic eruption in Bali following the 5.7 magnitude tremors. Authorities have evacuated the area around Mount Agung volcano after it started to show signs that it is about to erupt. The volcanic eruption on the Indonesian island has been triggered by a large earthquake nearby, which is the latest in a long line of natural disasters that have struck worldwide over the last few weeks.
The world has been ravaged by hurricanes, earthquakes, and flooding that have left scientists baffled. Just this week large earthquakes have rocked New Zealand, Japan, and Mexico. The Mexican quake devasted Mexico City, leaving hundreds dead, and was the second large earthquake in the region this month after an 8.1-magnitude earthquake hit September 8.  The recent 7.1-magnitude tremors also triggered a volcanic eruption just a few miles from the capital that left 15 dead when a church on the side of the volcano collapsed during mass.
Volcano Erupts in Mexico Following Devastating Earthquake According to Independent, a 5.7-magnitude tremor was detected in the Java Sea near Bali late on Wednesday(local time), the US Geological Survey said, at a depth of 589km. Officials had already widened an evacuation zone around the 3,000m-high Mount Agung volcano earlier in the week, according to reports. Seismic activity around the mountain increased dramatically on Monday, forcing authorities to put residents on high alert and to evacuate those within 7.5km of the volcano, ABC reported. Mount Agung is a popular hiking destination for tourists. It last erupted more than 50 years ago, killing at least 1,000 people. “This is a natural disaster, we cannot avoid it, we can’t stop it exploding but we can reduce the number of victims and losses.” “We are prepared, I believe we can handle everything,” Governor Made Mangku Pastika told the site.

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