Plague: Gnats Swarm Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—A large swarm of insects are creating a lot of buzz in Philadelphia.

Residents across the city took to Reddit to share their concerns.

“Probably an exodus from the hurricane,” one person said.

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Credit: Jill Cogan

“People are running all over Old City and fleeing seeking shelter,” another said.

Other on Twitter were just as mystified.

But police say they don’t know where the gnats, or what some are calling flying ants came from.

“Hmm. No, We don’t know where all of these gnats came from, either. However, we, for one, welcome our new insect overlords,” said police in a Tweet.

Garrett O’Dwyer told CBS3, “They swarm into your hair, shoes, and shorts. Safe to say the bugs are firmly in charge.”


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