What? Australians Wake To Rattling Windows, Tremors- But Geoscience Says No Earthquake

mysterious boom adelaide, mysterious boom adelaide south australia, msterious boom september 2017
South Australians awoken by mysterious tremor – but Geoscience Australia says it wasn’t an earthquake.


Here some reports:

Yep. Definitely heard it. Woke first at 2am, 2nd not long after. Was a strange rumbling noise with shaking windows. Cat went crazy. Never heard anything like it before. Freaked me out!!!

Woken up by the windows rattling, and then a low frequency rumble-not much noise. (Colonel Light Gardens). Different to usual thunder.

Windows rattled and thought some one was breaking in.

What were these strange shaking and loud noises that woke up residents of Adelaide, South Australia between 2am and 2.30am on Saturday, September 2, 2017?

At least 800 people reported the event to Geoscience Australia. Witnesses felt at least two minor shakes and heard rumbles that woke them up.



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