The Dominoes Are Falling: Tropical Storm Jose On The Heels Of Irma

HURRICANE Irma is bearing down on the Caribbean with the full might of category 5 hurricane, and Tropical Storm Jose now threatens to follow in its path. Will Jose be as devastating as Irma?

Tropical Storm Jose formed over the Atlantic Ocean today, hot on the heels of just as the colossal storm grew in strength to a category 5 hurricane.Irma is currently battering the Caribbean with life-threatening winds of up to 180mph (289km/h).

Jose is the 10th named tropical storm of the season and has so far reached maximum wind speeds of 40 mph (65 km/h) – just above the tropical storm threshold.

As tropical-storm-force winds extend up to 45 miles (72 km) out from the eye of the storm, NOAA’s National Hurricane Center (NHC) predicts that Jose could turn into a category 2 hurricane by Friday.

Will Hurricane Jose be the next Hurricane Irma?

Even if Jose reaches hurricane level winds by the end of the week, it will still not be as strong as Hurricane Irma.

The NHC however underlined that at this stage its long-range predictions are full of “large uncertainties”.

On the forecast track, Jose is expected to reach maximum wind speeds of up to 103 mph(165 km/h) with stronger individual gusts.

Conditions are expected to deteriorate over the next 48 hours as the tropical storm picks up in speed.

Hurricane Jose path map predictions NHC•NOAA

Hurricane Jose: The tropical storm will likely intensify into a hurricane by Friday

Hurricane Jose wind probabilities NHC•NOAA

Hurricane Jose: Jose will most likely slow down by the weekend

“The environment in which Jose is located in appears to be quite conducive for development for the next three days,” said the NHC.

By days four and five, however, the vertical shear may increase in part due to the outflow from Hurricane Irma to its west

National Hurricane Center, NOAA

“By days four and five, however, the vertical shear may increase in part due to the outflow from Hurricane Irma to its west.“Thus the official intensity forecast show steady intensification until day three, then remains flat through day five.

No tropical storm watches or warnings have been issued yet, but the NHC has warned the Leeward Islands to monitor the situation.

The latest NHC predictions pit the tropical storm on a path dangerously close to that of Hurricane Irma, though there is no immediate danger to land.

By 8am EDT (1pm BST) on Friday, Jose should be arriving close to Barbados and then the island of Guadeloupe by Sunday.It is yet unclear just how close to the Caribbean Islands Jose will come, but the hurricane will most likely just brush the islands before it heads back out into the Atlantic Ocean.

The hurricane will slowdown by the weekend before it shifts course towards the northwest, away from the Caribbean Sea.

Hurricane Irma is meanwhile forecast to slam into the Leeward Islands later today before making its way towards Cuba and Florida.

Forecasters are warning that the hurricane could be “potentially catastrophic” as it passes over the several Caribbean region.

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