Pope Francis: You Can Call Me Communist

Pope Francis has no problem with people calling him a Marxist communist. According to this Pope, he is not “offended” if people call him communist because he has “‘met many Marxists in my life who are good people”. One of these people being none other than the communist woman he covered for when she was at odds with the political authorities.

In a recently published interview, Pope Francis shares that a Communist woman had a profound impact on his political persuasions.

Exclusive excerpts from this interview were officially published in Le Figaro Magazine this week in the Politics and society section. The article is titled Pope Francis speaks with Dominique Woltron, and will be released to the public at large on September 6th. You can read the exclusive excerpts right here on Truth and Action ahead of publication.

Pope Francis admitted in a shocking book length interview that he is heavily influenced by communist ideologies.

VATICAN CITY, September 1, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — In a newly published book-length interview, Pope Francis reveals that a Communist woman had a marked impact on his political thinking. “She taught me to think about political reality,” says Pope Francis of Esther Ballestrino De Careaga. “I owe so much to this woman.”

Francis brought up Bellastrino when author Dominique Wolton asked him about women who were a major influence in his life. “She was communist,” Francis readily admits, adding “she gave me books, all Communist.”

Exclusive excerpts from the interview were published in Le Figaro Magazine this morning. Politics and society: Pope Francis speaks with Dominique Wolton will be released in French on September 6.

Pope Francis is a political pope, not a spiritual pope. Geroge Neumnayr talked about this a lot in his book The Political Pope. He found in his research that Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) not only learned from this communist woman, he also hid her Marxist tracts in a Jesuit library when she got in trouble with the law for trying to destroy democratic procedures.

George Neumayr, author of an in-depth look at Pope Francis called The Political Pope, notes that Ballestrino was the young Jorge Bergoglio’s boss at the laboratory where he worked. “She introduced him to communist periodicals and literature,” Neumayr told LifeSite in an interview. “When she got into trouble with the authorities, he hid her Marxist tracts in a Jesuit library.” “The reporter John Allen says that when her family asked for her to be buried in a Catholic cemetery, Bergoglio ‘readily consented’ even though he knew she wasn’t a believing Catholic.”

Pope Francis is also the man who gave Raul Castro rock star treatment instead of grilling him on how communism was opposing and hurting his people. Maybe this is because he has an agenda or motives that center around serving the will of political leaders, not God.

Under his leadership, the Catholic Church has started to become “Unitarian” and a major voice of moral authority backing liberal socialist policies. Maybe that is why he thinks a “personal relationship with Jesus” is “harmful and dangerous” and why “all religions worship the same God”.

There is no such thing as absolute truth or any moral authority besides the government under socialist political systems. Maybe he is just preparing people to accept a one world communist government.

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