Another Elite Banker Jumps To Their Death

An Elite Wall Street banker has leaped to her death from the roof of her luxury New York City home leaving a bone-chilling message behind.

Lindsay Jacoby, a former JP Morgan and CitiGroup trader and CEO or her own firm, jumped from the roof on the 4th floor of her Upper East Side home screaming “there are demons everywhere”.

The 40-year-old mother of two committed suicide at around 10:30 a.m. at her historic brick home located on an enclave between East 86th and 87th streets, according to sources. It’s unclear whether she left her note, neighbors stated that she led a “dream life” and “always seemed happy”.

This is the second time this month that a top banker has killed them selves in such a way, after a high-level senior executive of an investment firm, described as “one of the big-wigs” jumped from the London Stock Exchange.


According to one of the witnesses, he “ran along the walkway shouting and put one hand on the glass wall and jumped over it with both feet.” “He didn’t even hesitate.

He was shouting, ‘the end is coming! Get out while you still can!’” According to NYP, a man who said Lindsay was his daughter screamed in “agony” after finding out she had jumped, according to passersby.

“It was really harrowing. He screamed and screamed. We thought he was having a heart attack. He came out of the building and said to call 911. But he was clutching his heart,” said Jeffrey B.

“It wasn’t until the police showed up that we realized it was a suicide.” This is a nice neighborhood, another passerby added. The woman and her husband Seth Jacoby purchased the one-family home in 2014 for $3.6 million, taking out a $2.5 million mortgage, according to public records.

The couple has two young children. She previously held high-ranking positions at Oppenheimer and Co., JPMorgan and Citigroup, and served as the CEO and president at her own firm, Jacoby Staffing.

She graduated cum laude from Union College in Schenectady and studied for a year in Osaka, Japan, according to her LinkedIn page. Henderson Place was closed off Monday pending an investigation.

Two women showed up crying hysterically at the corner of Henderson and East 86th Street on Monday afternoon. “Why would she do this?” one pal wailed. Lindsay and Seth Jacoby were married in 2005, according to a New York Times announcement.

The jet-setting mom frequently posted on Facebook about her travels and how proud she was of her son and daughter. “This is Istanbul!!! Loving this city, the people and spending quality time with my family!!”

she wrote in 2015 along with photos of the family’s trip to Turkey. Lindsay’s suicide comes seven months after Margaret Fagenson jumped to her death from a 14th-floor terrace at 535 East 86th St., across the street from 12 Henderson.

Fagenson, 68, who was married to wealthy investment-banking CEO Robert Fagenson, suffered from depression. A neighbor reported seeing the usually “happy and confident” Lindsay becoming increasingly edgy over the last few days. “I think there was something going on with them,” he said. “It seems like there was something amiss.”

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