GOP Candidate: 12 Critical Things That Will Happen From August 21st To September 30th

GOP Candidate: 12 Critical Events Will Happen Over 40 Days, from August 21st to September 30th


According to Michael Snyder, a conservative author and Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, we are about to witness a never before seen convergence of events guaranteed to represent a fundamental turning point for humanity

By now you’ve probably not only heard but have been preparing for the total solar eclipse moving across the United States for the 1st time in 99 years. The total solar eclipse on August 21st is just the beginning. August 21st marks a chain of 12 events that are supposed to occur over a 40 day period ending on September 30th.

One of these events coincides with Sept 13th or the “Revelation 12 sign” foretold by John in the book of Revelations and the end-of-times. And the realizations are not pretty. We are living in uncertain times that match way too closely to the words foretold by ancient prophets of old to ignore. Whether you put much stock in the good book or not, Snyder’s map of the next 40 days is just too eerily close to reality to ignore. He knows what he is talking about!


Michael Snyder, a conservative author and Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, is not afraid of the MSM or of speaking the truth. He has gathered information from scholars, politics, and scientists to put together a riveting chain of events that he claims will come to pass and influence global politics, whether or not they are related to the end of times. Give them a read!

August 21– The “Great American Eclipse” will sweep across portions of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.  Seven years later, another very unusual total solar eclipse will move across our nation, and when you plot the paths of both eclipses on a map, they form a giant “X”right over the center of the United States.

August 23– A FEMA exercise known as “EarthEX2017” will simulate “catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks”

September 1– This marks the start of FEMA’s annual “National Preparedness Month“.

September 1– The U.S. State Department’s ban on U.S. citizens traveling into North Korea goes into effect.  Many are concerned that this is yet another sign that we are moving toward war with North Korea.

September 11– This will be the 16th anniversary of 9/11.

September 20– Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset.

September 21The UN International Day Of Peace

September 23– This is the date of what has become known as “the Revelation 12 sign”.  If you are not familiar with this alignment yet, the following is a very brief summary

September 24– Very important national elections will be held in Germany.

September 29– Yom Kippur begins at sunset, and it concludes on September 30th.  Of course September 30th will be the end of a 40 day period that began back on the day of the Great American Eclipse on August 21st.

September 29– U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says that the debt ceiling will be breached on this day if Congress does not raise it by then.

September 30– If Congress does not pass a budget by the end of this day, there will be a government shutdown just like we witnessed in 2013.

On top of everything else, the month of September is when the Federal Reserve is scheduled to begin unwinding  their 4.5 trillion dollar balance sheet

And if all of this wasn’t weird enough, a major asteroid is going to come within just 4,200 miles of earth on October 12th. What does all of this mean? If you believe in any type of a savior you best get on your knees as either the end of the world is coming or some other unrelated forces are at work seeking to undermine the global economy and trajectory of our country.


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