Racism: The New Witch Hunt

Let us move away from King Obama and his vapid ramble on illegal immigration for the time of this article.

Instead we will talk about another socialist (official this time) by the name of Dmitry Manuilsky, a bolshevik militant not much different from those currently in the White House.

Manuilsky once said “Accuse your opponents of fascism, by the time they defend themselves, you have plenty of time to accuse them of something else”.

This quote alone epitomizes the true nature of the political left and their media propaganda : the meaning of words doesn’t matter if you repeat them long enough.

The words liberalism, diversity, tolerance, fascism, racism… all these words have had or currently have their meaning vastly altered by the left wing globalist propaganda.

Of course it’s a double-edged sword since these words can become devoid of meaning very fast once the public catches up to their schemes.

The birth of this propaganda concept, and particularly the action of using “racism” and “fascism” as political weapons, emerged due to the the morale prestige gained from opposing Hitler, and later instrumentalized by the USSR.

The anti-racist propaganda doctrine

In a historical period in which no one wanted to be associated with Hitler, as even the communists rejected him (albeit after attempting an alliance through the German-Soviet pact), it was quite easy to demonize your political opponents by associating the fight against communism to being sympathetic to the fascist causes.

The close ties between democrats and white racists
The close ties between democrats and white supremacists

One of the ideologies thus abused was racism. You hear it everyday on the left wing extremist propaganda media : someone opposes Obama so he must be a racist, someone opposes the massive influx of illegal immigrants pushed by the globalists so he must be a racist, someone opposes European imperialism and their attacks on our sovereignty so he must be a racist…

While this concept had a certain validity and efficiency during the second world war era, one can wonder why it is still applied today and particularly why it’s used by the left, which are the ones with the biggest luggage in terms of racist policies. Remember the KKK ?

Of course the answers to this riddle is not so much found in who the left wing extremists are, that is well known seeing how they are nothing more than a medley of brain-deficient hippies mixed with some failed ideologues.

Rather we must look at who is behind the left wing “progressive” movements to understand their motivations.

The truth about those behind the anti-racist witch hunt

And we don’t have to look very far, the globalists are so arrogant or stupid (mostly stupid) that they don’t even attempt to hide their actions. The secrets best kept are the ones in plain view as they say, well this saying has just been proven wrong.

Behind every progressive cause there is a globalist, as pointed out in the chapter Understanding globalism.

It is no surprise that they are the same ones pushing for the anti-racist agenda.

And by racism they do not mean the belief that members of other races are inferior and/or should be treated differently. Which by the way the left is also guilty of, first through the actions of the Ku Kux Klan and now through the “affirmative action” doctrine.

By racism they mean anyone who contradicts the anti-racist doctrine or any other of their social constructivist doctrines.

The goals of the anti-racist agenda are triple :

  • To demonize any opposition to globalism.
  • To facilitate the destruction of our nation and our culture by invading us with illegal aliens.
  • To conceal the fact that the globalists are pro-European imperialists.

This last part is one of the most important in understanding the globalist agenda, despite rarely receiving the attention it deserves even within the more nationalist circles of our movement.

What is a better way to hide the fact that they are white supremacist pro-Europeans than to pretend to defend what they call “minorities” and “colored people” ?

Most Americans don’t think of globalists as pro-Europeans because they seem to hate white people. But it’s a facade, in reality they only hate white Americans (and all other Americans).

George Soros, Vivendi, Warren Buffett, RT, the Clintons have all being caught promoting ultra-nationalism and white supremacist political parties in Europe, while trying to subvert us into becoming mindless politically correct hippie xenotolerant “citizens of the world”.

They pretend to be internationalist hippies, which would be bad enough, but behind your backs they support European ultra-nationalist parties that in some cases openly state “no Arabs here” (French right wing groups) or “our nation governed by whites” (Greek white supremacist and nationalist party which is currently the biggest party in Greece).

That is the true purpose of the anti-racist witch hunt of the left, to hide their true allegiances to European imperialism.

You see a lot of “race warriors” these days, always trying to prove that whites or blacks are to blame for the current situation of our nation. While these people are probably more awake than your average common core citizen of the world hippie, it doesn’t change the fact that they are the useful idiots of those that run the same aforementioned hippies.

Original Article:http://www.nationsiege.com/nationalism/racism-witch-hunt-of-the-left

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