Another Transgender Man Gives Birth To Baby

The mainstream media is so hell-bent on pushing the normalcy of transgenderism that it will even resort to creating its own science to tell a story that gives credence to it. In the latest example of this, the mainstream media (MSM) reported July 31 that another “transgender man” gave birth to a baby boy on July 14.

The real story, of course, is that a biological woman named Trystan Reese — who suffers from a mental illness called gender dysphoria, which makes her believe she is a man and therefore attempts to emulate one — has given birth to a baby. But that’s not quite how the MSM views it, stating that the transgender “man” was “assigned the female gender at birth.”

But as Mike Adams of Natural News noted August 1, “Hard facts rooted in biological science never stand in the way of the anti-science Left and its twisted agenda of spawning biological confusion through the repeated use of deliberately false reporting.”

Though Reese has been attempting to change her gender by taking testosterone, she discontinued its use to prepare for the pregnancy. “We’ve been under medical supervision the entire time,” she said, “to make it as healthy and safe as possible.”

Thankfully, the baby is physically healthy, and there is no evidence to indicate that Reese and partner Biff Chaplow do not intend to love their baby, Leo Murray Chaplow, and take good care of him; however, one has to wonder about the social, mental, and emotional impact of being raised by parents who do not understand the difference between male and female and who are deliberately attempting to skew the lines by claiming to be male but continuing to behave as a reproductive female.

“I’m OK with my body being a trans body,” Reese said. “I’m OK being a man who has a uterus and has the capacity and capability of carrying a baby.”

This is the equivalent of saying she is okay with being a unicorn. The person she is claiming to be simply does not exist. But more than that, it seems her mental disorder is a variant of standard gender dysphoria. Individuals suffering from gender dysphoria typically believe that their gender is the opposite of the biological sex with which they were born. There is no science to support this, which is why gender dysphoria is considered a mental disorder by reputable scientists. But Reese’s situation is particularly troublesome because she seems to be toeing the line between both genders and is “OK” with it. That brings up the question, is this really more about conducting a social experiment that advances a social justice issue?

As mentioned above, Reese is certianly not the first transgender “man” to give birth; ABC News noted that Stephanie Brill, director of Maia Midwifery & Preconception Services and founder of Gender Spectrum, knows of as many as 40 “men” who have gotten pregnant. Notable recent examples include Andey Nunes, Thomas Beatie, and Matt Rice.

It seems the Left is attempting to push the notion that gender and sex are malleable. But what the Left is proposing is a “violation of the natural world,” Adams writes. And if it can make people believe that science is subjective and not objective, it can make people believe anything.

What’s more, people who express doubt over the Left’s skewed science are accused of prejudice and are therefore forced into silence. This includes members of the scientific community, unfortunately. Adams writes, “Real scientists are cringing at the Left’s insane anti-science denialism, but of course most scientists dare not say anything because the entire culture now believes the transgender Emperor is wearing elaborating flowing robes. (Only those who speak the truth dare point out that the Emperor is naked.)”

That is why the scientific face of the Left include people such as Bill Nye the Science Guy, who is, in fact, anything but a “science guy.” Entertainer? Yes. Mechanical engineer? Yes. Scientist? No. And yet Bill Nye feels comfortable enough to speak on the scientific credibility of transgenderism on his new show, Bill Nye Saves the World, and use a raunchy song called “The Sexual Spectrum” to “educate” his audience on it.

Meanwhile, in the Left’s effort to push transgenderism as the new norm, the transgender community continues to suffer from abnormally high rates of depression and suicide. What transgender individuals need is not acceptance and tolerance but medical help, and not of the hormone-blocking variety. In fact, a 2016 study in The New Atlantis found that sex reassignment via surgery or chemical influences has left adults with a “higher risk of experiencing poor mental health outcomes.” They are five times more likely to attempt suicide and 19 times more likely to die by suicide, the study found.

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