The Marvelous Underground Journey Of Baron Trump: A Novel From The 1800’s Has Eerily Accurate Details

A political writer, novelist, and lawyer from the USA put together fantasy and science fiction that was unique at the time in the 1800s. Two of the most popular stories of Ingersoll Lockwood were illustrated for children, focused on a strange character that was said to be fictional who went by the name of Baron Trump.
Main Character In The Book Is Baron Trump In the books entitled “The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and Wonderful Dog Bulgar” and “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey,” Trump was a young man who was wealthy, and he lived in Castle Trump. He had an imagination that was never ending and a brain that had been always over active. The young man grew tired of his lifestyle of luxury and went on a journey to Russia to start an adventure that went on to shape the remainder of his life.
In the books, some very strange connections were made to the Trump family who is now in the White House, bear in mind the books date back to the 19th century. One of the main characters’ names happens to be the same as the son of President Donald Trump, but it has a spelling that is different. Trump’s adventures started in Russia and were guided by directions said to be the master of all masters, and he went under the name of Don. Before he left for Russia Trump was told about a family motto “The pathway to glory is strewn with pitfalls and dangers.” Pictures in the book show Trump wearing clothing that is old fashioned, but lavish and he is wearing jewelry.
Lockwood released a book in 1896 with the title of The Last President, which was to be his last and it is here where things got even eerier and linked to the present day. The story in that book is about New York City in panic during November, and it was said to be in a state of uproar following the election of an outsider candidate that had been enormously opposed. New York In Chaos Following Election Result In Book It says in the book that the whole of the East Side of the state was in an uproar with police shouting in the streets to warn people to remain in their homes. It was said that large mobs have been organized and were following socialists and anarchists along with threatening to despoil along with plunder the homes of the rich as they said had oppressed them and wronged them for many years. The book went on to say that the Fifth Avenue Hotel had been the first to discover how angry the mob was and it went on to give an address in New York where the Trump Tower was built much later. But can the troops come in time to save New York from the mob?
The books from Lockwood showed up online recently in forums, with users sharing images along with conspiracy theories about the stories and their link to Donald Trump. Some of them said that the Trump family must have a time machine and they use it to ensure they remain powerful. The book The Last President broke away from the fictional narrative of the previous books written by Lockwood. However, the links were still very clear. New York City is the hometown of Trump in the books, and it is on the verge of republics collapse. Some people in the USA started to form a resistance and began to protest at what they saw as an unethical and corrupt election process. Documentary about strange ‘Baron Trump’ books in the making Leigh Scott, a supporter of Trump and a filmmaker, is trying to raise funds to make a fantasy feature film and in his own words, he is a big fan of trolling. He said that even though he is from Hollywood, he supports President Trump. He said that the book does have many strange references to what is happening today. He finished by saying that the film could be ramped up a bit and that things could be put into it that only supporters of Trump and those who are always online understood and would appreciate. “Even though I work in Hollywood, I actually support President Trump,” Scott says in the following video for his project. “The book has tons of strange references to the modern day, but we can actually amp that up a bit and put in things that only we as Trump supporters and people who are on the internet all the time really understand and appreciate.”

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