Wealthy Continue To Buy Luxury Bunkers In Preparation

The super-rich, society’s so-called one percent, are spending vast amounts of currency on what the future might prove to be the most valuable real estate money can buy—apocalypse-proof shelters able to withstand nature’s wrath, nuclear Armageddon, and, according to our source, the looming Nibiru cataclysm.

Our source, who we shall call Dennis, works for a Kansas-based company specializing in constructing elaborate, luxurious survival shelters beneath the Earth’s surface. These survival condominiums, he says, retail between $1.5-$4.0 million dollars, and can sustain life for upwards of five years. The below ground fifteen-story shelters, each encompassing over 54,000 square feet of protected space, are renovated, decommissioned nuclear silos, providing sustainable living for up to seventy-five people. The agency claims to have the highest level of military grade security to protect its residents from Nibiru and from teeming masses of survivors that might try to infiltrate the compounds once Nibiru wreaks havoc across the planet.

We can quote our source verbatim: “Frankly, I had never heard of this Nibiru until 2011, when I started working for the company. Many people were buying up the units in advance of that 2012 Mayan apocalypse thing. Some people just fear a war is coming and want to ride out any thermo-nuclear blasts. But clients mentioned the Nibiru, asking me if our shelters would protect them. We’re in the business of selling—so of course we said yes. I don’t know if Nibiru is real, but these people are spending four million dollars or more believing it is. We aim to give them the best survival experience possible.”

Each renovated silo, he says, has a full fiber optic intranet, data-streaming capabilities for education, information, and entertainment, as well as silo-to-silo network links and communications. Allegedly, the silos also have a hotline to both NORAD and the White House. Dennis says residents will receive timely and accurate updates on worldly events, provided secure communications are not compromised or destroyed.

“Even if all communication is compromised, our clients will still have the ability to communicate with each other to plan their future and ensure the continuity of humankind continues. Even in the face of disaster, they will all live a life of luxury,” Dennis said.

The silos have all the amenities of modern living; cinema, medical facilities, indoor pool and spa, gym, library, and a bar stocked with the world’s finest vintages and liquors, and hydroponic bays for growing fruits and vegetables.  Additionally, an armory stocked with guns and ammo is in place in case of an attack by non-members, and a range is available for owners to practice marksmanship skills. The company, Dennis says, also recruited high-class male and female escorts so singles would not be without companionship in times of stress. Nobody, he added, wants to survive Nibiru alone.

“We have parks and water slides for children, but figured some adults might want additional entertainment, too,” Dennis confided.

The first silo of condominiums sold out in 2012. Dennis says the second silo is nearing fifty percent completion and has already pre-sold more than half its units.

“These people are sparing no expense to survive Nibiru. One client, who I cannot name, but whose name would be familiar to most people, told me a government sources admitted to him that Nibiru is real. Regardless of what Nibiru is or what it will do to us, our clients intend to survive this coming disaster,” Dennis concluded.

Original Article:http://www.someonesbones.com/blog/wealthy-buying-luxurious-nibiru-survival-condos/

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