Serious Earthquake Rocks Montana

A strong Magnitude 5.8 earthquake has struck Montana, doing damage to buildings, roads, bridges and railroads and was felt over 100 miles in all directions!

The quake struck at 2:30 AM _Eastern_ US time and a very shallow depth of 4.3km – about 2 miles.  It was the strongest earthquake in Montana in over 100 Years; and may be the strongest EVER in that state!

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According to the US Geological Survey, the quake registered as a Level 7 on the Mercali Modified Shake Scale.  This means the “perceived shaking” was “strong.” Here’s the Shake Scale from the USGS:

More concerning is that the earthquake actually registered on ALL 32 Seismographs at . . .  Yellowstone National Park’s Super Volcano, 232 Miles away ! ! ! !



Multiple aftershocks have now struck the same area of Montana.  The USGS reports as follows:

12km ESE of Lincoln, Montana

2017-07-06 07:08:59 (UTC)

  1. 4.5

    13km SE of Lincoln, Montana

    2017-07-06 07:02:27 (UTC)

  2. 4.9

    11km S of Lincoln, Montana

    2017-07-06 06:35:35 (UTC)

    3:48 AM EDT —  More Aftershocks (Total 5 so far):



Original Article:

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