US Space Corps? 2018 Defense Authorization Bill Proposes Exactly That

While the idea of a space corps sounds like something straight off the movie screen it could actually be coming to real life. The House Armed Services Committee has actually voted to split the US Air Force leading to the creation of the US Space Corps as their version of the 2018 Defense authorization bill.

This move would make the US the only nation with a branch of military dedicated to space. This is something that has been investigated as a possibility since the early 2000s and may finally be coming to action. It would be the first new military branch created here in the US since 1947!

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, stated the following:

“This is an issue the subcommittee has studied for months and I can’t even tell you how many meetings with space experts and leaders Jim [Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper] and I have had on this subject,”

“We both have come to the same conclusion – that the Department can’t fix itself on this, Congress has to step in. And that is why the Mark creates a new Space Corps within the Department of the Air Force, under its Secretary, but separate from the Air Force itself. It also re-establishes a Space Command as a sub-unified command under U.S. Strategic Command.”

It is believed this move in itself will be able to help the US maintain their advantages in space. With that being said, not all members of the committee were as enthused about this. Rep. Michael Turner (R-Ohio), as well as Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.), voiced similar concerns in regards to this. Both stated that they felt the markup itself (proposed legislation before being passed) needed more meeting than it was given. The House is said to be voting on this proposal after returning from Independence day recesses.

Rogers knows these changes will not be easy. It is also understood that in the short term view of it all they will be a bit disruptive, but he believes we must act now if we want to maintain the advantages the US military has obtained through ‘space.’ What do you think will come of this and do you like the idea of having a ‘space corps’ added? For more information on this please take the time to watch the video below.


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