Mueller Opens Investigation Into ‘Pizzagate’ Pedophile Ring After Hacker DNC Leaks

The appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel by the Department of Justice to investigate claims of “Russian Interference” in the 2016 Election, has just backfired on the Democrats.  Mueller has opened a formal investigation into child rape / Human Trafficking / Pedophilia based upon the terms of his Appointment as Special Counsel.  Right now, the Democrat National Committee / Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign are in his cross-hairs.

Washington , DC has been in a political firestorm over the completely non-existent “Russian Interference” in the 2016 presidential election.  Without any proof at all, and without any evidence after literally months of investigation by Congressional Committees, the Democrats demanded — and got — a “Special Counsel” to investigate the Trump Administration.

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Robert S. Mueller III (former FBI Director) was appointed as Special Counsel on May 17, 2017.   Mueller’s appointment letter from the Department of Justice Appears Below:



While the letter clearly mentions “links and/or coordination between the Russian government and the trump campaign . . .”



it also expands Mueller’s investigatory authority to cover “any matters that arose . . . from the investigation” as shown below:



It is this separate authority that has just boomeranged around the necks of the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton Campaign.



One of the items under investigation by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, about which former FBI Director James Comey testified, was “Russian hacking” of computers relating to the presidential election.

In particular, one of the items brought up in various aspects of the Intelligence Committee hearings, was the accusation that Russian Hackers were responsible for hacking into servers of the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democrat National Committee, copying email communications, and releasing those emails to WikiLeaks.

That presents a problem because, for all their complaining about this alleged “hacking” neither the DNC nor the Hillary Campaign ever turned any of their computers over to the FBI for forensic analysis related to alleged hacking!   The DNC and Hillary Campaigns — to this very day — scream about Russian Hackers, but have never once allowed the FBI to examine the computers to factually determine if they were ever hacked!

Thus, all the claims made by the DNC and Hillary Campaigns about “Russian Hacking” are without proof.  They always have been.  The people screeching for months about “Russian hacking” have known there is no proof.  Yet they deliberately fixate on this claim nonetheless.

Mueller is about to put an end to that.

Since neither the DNC nor the Hillary Campaign have allowed the FBI to examine the computers which were allegedly hacked, Special Counsel Mueller had no choice but to go to WikiLeaks to get the materials for his investigation.  After all, since the DNC and Hillary Campaign will not permit forensic examination of their computers, WikiLeaks was the only place Mueller could get the emails allegedly “hacked by Russia”– and his staff did exactly that.

One such email involving Hillary Campaign Chief John Podesta seemed to include code words known to be utilized by Pedophiles.

Here is the strange email, to Hillary Campaign Chairman John Podesta, about a Real Estate Agent through whom Podesta rented a house, telling him  something was left behind:




Here is the direct link to this “leaked” email featured on WikiLeaks


To any normal person, reading the words “The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. . . .”  is very odd.

Why would someone even bother to return a stained handkerchief?  But even more strange, what is a “map that seems pizza-related?”

These words make no sense; until you take a look at the FBI deciphering of Pedophile “Code Words” from their long history of investigating Child Rape.



In addition to the Law Enforcement Sensitive memo detailing coded SYMBOLS for Child Rape shown above, a list of various “code WORDS” also exists:


Using the code words to decipher the Podesta email, changes the email from making no sense, to making perfect sense:


A map (semen) that seems pizza (female child) related.



Those words, contained in that “hacked” email, are the basis for Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III to commence investigating Child Rape as part of his mandate.  The words appear in an allegedly “Russia hacked email” and that is subject matter within Mueller’s appointment.


There have long been rumors, innuendo and accusations that a giant ring of degenerate Pedophiles exists in the highest levels of government.  People with twisted sexual proclivities who prey upon innocent children, and who hold these activities over each others heads to garner submission to the political plans and goals of their fellow deviants.

It is widely known that there are so many of these degenerate pigs infesting government, that “if the story ever gets out, entire governments around the world would fall.”

As of today, Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III is officially investigating this issue as part of his mandate to look at Russian Hacking.


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