Drugs: Gateway To Demon Possession?


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  1. Drugs: Gateway To Demon Possession?

    Pharmacopoeia = Big Pharma

    But there’s another connecting word that you cannot mention the history of one

    without mentioning the history of the other, and that word is Witchcraft.

    I scoured through volumes of Encyclopedias until in and old 1950 Britannica I

    found the connecting word – I never found it in newer volumes = erased.

    You see,
    Today you no longer see Witchcraft as Black Garbed Witches huddling over a

    Cauldron inserting poisonous (Hallucinogenic, Psycho Active, Euphoric, etc)

    Herbs, Insects, Reptiles, etc.

    Today’s Witches use White Lab Coats and the cauldron has been replaced with

    Pyrex tubes.

    Before man’s fall, man and women was connected to God by a Spiritual Umbilical

    When they disobeyed and sinned, God severed that umbilical cord.

    Now satan tries to create a counterfeit spiritual umbilical cord to his realm

    of evil by using drugs along with other things as relics, dark sayings,

    symbols etc.

    Drugs and the Digital Angel chip = Mark of the Beast.

    A whole new abominable entity is created!


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