Meteor Falls From Sky In Jaipur, India – Residents Terrified

The universe has its own peculiar ways to establish contact with the planet Earth. Although we have been quite lucky for the past hundreds of years that nothing as destructive as the extinction of dinosaurs has happened, however, every now and then, the cosmic bodies give us a visit in the form of meteorites.

Monday night turned into a nightmarish experience for the people of Mukundpura village when a mysterious object resembling a fireball fell on the farm of Banshi Bagha. Scared and skeptical of the object, people spent the night fearing an explosion. The area is situated on the outskirts of city of Jaipur.

The next morning, panicked villagers went to the spot and found a grey-colored coal-like object. The object had hit the ground with such speed that it made a pothole of approximately two feet. Police was also informed, SHO of Bhankhrora Police Station Hemendra Sharma told PTI,

Locals spotted the object in the morning and informed us. It seems the object fell at a great speed as it has created a small crater on the ground in Mukundpura village.

He further added that the Geological Survey of India and Forensic Science Laboratory officials have been informed about the occurrence and asked to examine the stone weighing around 4 kg.

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Representation of a meteorite about to hit the Earth.IFL Science


The archaeological department suspects it to be a meteorite. It is notable that according to NASA, India falls under the region prone to meteorite sighting.

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