Internet Shutdown Will Precede Arrival Of The Destoyer

The internet will be shut down in advance of Nibiru’s arrival, says Dr. Slobodan Aljančić, an exiled Serbian scientist now living in an undisclosed location in North America. Dr Slobodan Aljančić has unimpeachable credentials; a mathematician and computer scientist, he first learned about Nibiru while serving as a liaison between the Serbian Space Generation Advisory Council and the Russian Space agency. He claims to have seen an intercepted, classified American document, authored by former President Barrack Hussein Obama and cosigned by Angela Merkel, outlining a sinister agenda to cripple the internet just before Nibiru becomes clearly visible in the sky.

He says the ten-page report, first intercepted by the FSB, was leaked to a Pravda journalist who forwarded it to Russian officials for authentication; a handwriting analysis confirmed the signatures belonged to Obama and Merkel.

According to the document, the United States, Germany, Israel, France and other western powers have clandestinely created a shadowy organization tasked with disabling the internet to prevent the spread of Nibiru information.

Regardless of who is in power when Nibiru arrives, the organization stands ready to act on a moment’s notice.

We can quote Dr. Aljančić verbatim: “These nefarious people have sworn allegiance to Barrack Obama and his co-conspirators. That Trump is in office makes no difference; these people know, they know I tell you! Exactly when Nibiru will be undeniably visible. It is in the ephemeris!  At this time they will act. There is no mythical internet kill switch that magically shuts down the information superhighway. But they, these evil people, have concocted an elaborate plan to halt the flow of information.”

United States and British submarines, he said, will sever undersea fiber optic cables, shunting transcontinental communication. Meanwhile, Armenian saboteurs will disable internet exchange points and backbones across the world. Publically accessible communication satellites will be rendered inoperative or, Dr. Aljančić says, “brought down.” If that plan fails, a contingency has been established: electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) will be airburst at strategic spots worldwide.

“It would be very difficult to dismantle this operation. They have agents of evil everywhere. Obama’s tentacles stretch very deep. He has carefully plotted this. He does want the world to about Nibiru until it’s too late.”

Any government officials attempting to thwart the operation will face dire consequences, the document asserts. Martial Law may be declared.

Asked why the organization is waiting rather than immediately disabling the internet, our source said, “They know that much information about Nibiru is being talked about on the internet. But most of this is false information; the organization may even be seeding Nibiru discussion groups with disinformation. Right now, people are confused, not sure what to believe. But once Nibiru becomes an undeniable truth, they will act. Bad information is okay. Once people have accesses to real information, all will be shut down.”

Rumors of an internet shutdown preceding a major catastrophe have fueled so-called conspiracy theory discussions for over a decade. Recently, parts of the country have experienced unexplained service disruptions. We must ask ourselves, as concerned people, if these disruptions are coincidental or part of some government test to see how people respond to losing access to the information superhighway.

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  1. its not obama and merkel its who they are working for, the vatican, where the jesuite preist make both of them look like idiot children.


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