Brazilian Senator Stuns World On Floor Of Senate With Discussion Of Imminent Planet X Arrival

Senator Telmário Mota (PTB-RR) drew the attention of Brazilian parliamentarians during the Senate session on Thursday, May 25, announcing in a speech in the Senate Plenary, the collision of an X7 planet, known as “Nibirú” with Earth.

“I have received the information from an elect who said NASA  states that the planet Nibiru is coming towards Earth and the current cycle will be over soon,” said the senator.

According to Telmário, the NASA report says that the planet changes the gravitational field of the earth and, with that, two thirds of humanity will perish. “Two-thirds will die of hunger and disease. I passed this to my advisers to do a study to see if this planet Nibiru is really approaching Earth, “he announced.

The video of the senator’s speech quickly turned into social networks and was shared by thousands of Internet users, who criticized the senator’s position, saying that the senator should bring more relevant issues to the Plenary. Check out the video:



PLANET X-7- In 2016 was published the book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival (Planet X – The arrival in 2017). Its author, David Meade, claims to have studied astronomy and claims that a series of stars, propelled by “a twin twin of our Sun”, approaches the Earth dangerously and will collide with it in October 2017.

He states that he has scientific evidence and, to explain the absence of detection of such a star, mentions the “oblique angle” of his approach and his next impact against our South Pole.

Normally, The Hal Turner Show would treat such “Planet Niburu” talk as nonsense to be ignored.  However, the fact that a federal Senator from Brazil chose to reveal this on the floor of the Brazilian Senate, changes things as far as whether or not I cover such a story.

Original Article:

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