Small Tsunami Hits European Coast In The Netherlands

Witnesses have talked about a mini tsunami that has engulfed a beach in Zandvoort in the Netherlands on May 29, 2017. The witnesses on the beach told how a huge wall of water came crashing down onto the beach bringing back memories of the huge tsunami that struck Thailand. A Mini Tsunami Is Quite Rare But Is Caused By High-Pressure Offshore One worker said that he was woken up by a strong wind and looked out and saw some beach beds that had been taken out by the water. In just five minutes the wind had rotated around and took all of the seats into the sea. He said that when he looked back there was a high wall of water crashing down and he began to think about the tsunami that happened in Thailand. The worker said that he started to run out of the water at this point, but the water had a lot of power behind it. He went on to say that he was happy to have only suffered from scratches to his leg but that he was in shock. A giant wave such as this is very rare, more so in the Netherlands.
The wave was said to be created by strong areas of high pressure offshore. The weather patterns then result in a wave that has high proportions due to the fact that it is shallower if it comes closer to the land and it results in a giant tidal wave. Mini Tsunami Also Hit Beach In South Africa In March 2017 This is not the first time that a mini tsunami has hit. In March 2017 beach-goers were left running and screaming when a mini tsunami hit the coast of South Africa. The beach was closed, and tourists had to be evacuated when huge waves hit the South African coast, and dramatic footage appeared online of people running and screaming away from the waves as they rushed towards them. The media in South Africa reported that the mini tsunami had been down to the cyclone weather system that was off the coast of Madagascar. The region was closed while huge waves were seen battering the beachfront and the infrastructure was said to have been badly damaged.

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