Child Prodigy Thinks Our Universe Is Being Destroyed By CERN

The universe is so complex that if one stopped to take a look at what is actually happening people would give in to the marvelous beauty of it. Science hasn’t really begun to dent the surface of reality, and nature’s discoveries are far more shocking than anyone could imagine. There is proof of free energy, unified field of consciousness, superhuman ability, and alternate reality and more, so much is mind boggling that no one would think that a kid would have any understanding of it all. However, one 13-year-old, Max Laughlin understands it all and can explain it in intricate detail to those who perhaps aren’t as clever. 13 Year Old Invented Free Energy Device However, perhaps a kid is just what is needed, they are brave enough to give thought to outside of the box and have theories and ideas that others would say are crazy, as the world of today has been built upon such. Max Laughlin isn’t just any kid though; he is the smartest one in the world. At the age of 13, he was behind the invention of a Free Energy Device, which is technology that might power the entire world for free. Laughlin is famous worldwide for his brilliant ideas along with his point of view on topics such as alternate realities and the nature of the universe. Now Laughlin has a theory that CERN could have destroyed the universe and we actually live in a parallel universe that was the closest to it. Laughlin thinks that the Mandela Effect is the result of this and he has gone on to explain his theory in a video that is mind blowing when considering it comes from a kid. Laughlin explains that an infinite parallel universe is constantly being created and there is a universe in which god exists, and god is everything. He then goes on to say that if there is an infinite number of parallel universes, there may be a universe in which God doesn’t exist or one in which God is even more powerful. Laughlin gives an example of God being able to create a stone that cannot be lifted; if this were true then God himself wouldn’t be able to lift that stone, on the other hand, if God is the all-powerful one then perhaps he could lift it as he could do anything. So this then becomes a paradox as the stone wouldn’t be unliftable. The theories of Laughlin are amazing as are the explanations that he provides, at one point writing on a napkin as a way of explanation, in the video explaining to people much older than himself about infinite in confined space and alternate parallel universes.


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