1,500 Pedophiles Arrested In Last Few Months

Over the past few months, an astounding 1,500 people have been arrested for sex trafficking-related crimes. However, the mainstream media continues to focus on everything but this disturbing epidemic, and many are beginning to ask why.

When compared to the 400 that were arrested in 2014, it becomes obvious that something much larger than previously understood is beginning to transpire. In order to better understand the above-referenced numbers, let’s just take a quick look at the breakdown.

On January 27, multiple government agencies in Tennessee worked together to arrest 42 people in an operation given the name ‘Operation Someone Like Me.’ Then, on January 29, 474 people were arrested in a California human trafficking operation. An additional 108 were arrested between January 18 and February 5 in Illinois. Then 178 were arrested in Texas, including the sports agent who got Roger Clemens a Major League Baseball contract. To top that off, 16 were arrested in Detroit, 11 were arrested in Virginia, and 42 were arrested in February. All these charges were related to human trafficking and child pornography.

Many of those who were arrested included high profile figures. Furthermore, many agencies have speculated that even more arrests will be made in upcoming weeks. Others speculate that they will be cases of high-profile suicides and strange deaths happening around the same time. The child-trafficking ring that has been referred to as #PedoGate is said to involve members from various high-profile sectors including media moguls, judges, police, priests, doctors, teachers, bankers and lawyers.

Unfortunately, for now, it appears that the media has continued to remain focused on nonsensical events including Russian hackers, and celebrity deaths, while thousands are being investigated for ties to child trafficking rings. Thankfully, one thing can be said, and that is that the FBI is finally starting to take the detrimental pedophilia epidemic that is taking place seriously.

Original Article:http://awarenessact.com/over-1500-pedophiles-and-human-traffickers-arrested-since-trump-took-office-media-silent/

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