MIT: Half Of All American Children Will Have Autism By 2025

By 2025 half of the children born in the United States will be diagnosed with autism, according to Stephanie Seneff, a Senior Research Scientist at MIT.

By 2025 half of the children born in the United States will be diagnosed with autism, according to Stephanie Seneff, a Senior Research Scientist at MIT and author of over 170 peer-reviewed scholarly articles.

Seneff notes that autism diagnoses have been exploding in recent years, which she claims can be attributed to heavy-duty vaccines and the use of glyphosate, a chemical in the popular weed killer Roundup, owned by Monsanto.


President Trump has also voiced concern about the autism epidemic in children, blaming heavy-duty doses of vaccines delivered in short time frames.


Wearechange reports: Seneff also has an online presentation on the topic, which furthermore claims that glyphosate is “an antibiotic that preferentially kills the good bacteria.” She also states that “we depend on our gut bacteria in many ways.”

Monsanto says on their website that “farmers, as well as homeowners and others, have been using Roundup® and other glyphosate products for more than 40 years,” a quote which illustrates the break between a prominent work of research and the reality of the food industry.


Recently Dr. Michael Antoniou of the UK has come forward with another study that also concludes that glyphosate and Roundup are not as harmless as Monsanto might like to admit.

As reported by the Center for Research on Globalization, Antoniou describes his study by saying that “for the very first time we have established a causative link between an environmentally relevant level of daily ingestion of Roundup and a serious disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.”

In other words, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and the other complications pointed out by Dr. Seneff might not be the only things you have to worry about if you consume this substance.

Because of the widespread use of Roundup and its active ingredient glyphosate, sources have pointed out that it can now be found in human urine, water, and even in genetically modified food.

For more information on glyphosate, check out Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s full lecture below.




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