Bloodletting, Lamb Sacrifice And Bible Burning On SC Campus: Just Another Day

SC: Bloodletting, lamb sacrifice, Bible burning on campus

An organization called the “Clemson Unorthodox Neo-Satanic Temple (C.U.N.T.)” caused outrage Monday with a reported flier advertising a “live bloodletting and lamb sacrifice” and “Bible torching”, at Clemson University in South Carolina. posted an image of the flyer reportedly found in the school’s Brackett Hall, inviting students to a “C.U.N.T. Afterlife Party” on March 11, but does not specify a location. The flyer is loaded with satanic images such as pentagrams and goat skulls. A “Bible torching ceremony” with a $25 prize for the “C.U.N.T. sucker” who brings in the most Bibles is listed among other things like  a “Pentagram completion event” intended to “summon Baphomet to celebrate the new Clemson Chapel.”

The flier does not provide contact information for the group.

The activity mentioned most prominently in the Satanist club’s flier, though, is a “live bloodletting and lamb sacrifice,” which the group claims was made possible through a “lamb provided by our friends at Clemson Collegiate Farm Bureau.”

Director of College Relations Kirby Player, however, flatly denied the claim, telling Campus Reform that the Farm Bureau would “absolutely not” be providing any animals for ritual slaughter.

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