Nibiru ‘Chatter’ Heard On Military Shortwave

On Monday, a Texas shortwave radio operator reported hearing “Nibiru” chatter on an upper side band frequency typically reserved for military communications. A licensed HAM radio operator, Beaumont resident Joshua Allen said he intercepted an ominous signal while monitoring military channels—a hobby of his—for unencrypted or easily decipherable transmissions.

According to Mr. Allen, the phrase “Sky King, Sky King, Sking. Standby. Nibiru follows: one-two-one-tight-two-zero-one-eight-three-one-zero-negative-seven-two-four-one-three” repeated three times in rapid succession. Then, he said, the frequency turned to unintelligible gibberish.

Mr. Allan is a communications savant, having studied radio schematics his entire life. At six years old, he constructed a 5-Watt walkie-talkie using discarded household items he found in local trashcans. His most recent accomplishment is a shortwave transceiver cobbled together using scraps—circuit boards and vacuum tubes–purchased and found at junkyards and landfills. His modulated rig, he says, harnesses electrically charged atoms in the ionosphere, allowing him to receive and transmit far beyond the horizon. The process, known as skip propagation, allows trans-continental communication among shortwave enthusiasts.

In Mr. Allen’s case, however, the message originated closer to home.

“I ain’t never heard of Nibiru till I heard that there message,” said Mr. Allen. “I always got my ear to these frequencies because one day I know the military is gonna turn against us and, goddamit, I’m going be ready when the day comes. I hear Sky Kings often; they are warning or test messages. But this is the only time I heard Nibiru with it. After that, I started reading about that there Nibiru, and now I gotta worry about a planet smashing into my farm and killing my hogs. I think that message came from NORAD.”

Research shows that Sky King is a call sign directed at Signal Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) assets, such as ballistic submarines, nuclear bombers, and command and control aircraft. The more often the phrase Sky King is repeated, the higher priority the message. Many astute listeners believe four incantations of the phrase are a prelude to nuclear war. Why the word Nibiru was attached to a nuclear readiness message is anyone’s guess.

Nonetheless, Mr. Allan believes he has deciphered the numeric digits within the message.

“I been thinking about that,” Mr. Allen said. “I do think the first set of numbers represents a calendar date, and the second sets of digits are geographical coordinates, longitude and latitude.  I ain’t a map reader so I don’t know where that is; someone else might want to check it out. I’ll be listening for it again on 11175khz,” he explained, referencing the shortwave frequency on which he heard the ominous message.

Although the message contains enough numerical digits to support his theory, why would the government disclose—even accidently—map coordinates for an event that will likely affect the whole planet. Most Nibiru researchers postulate that Nibiru is a solar system scheduled to pass within 0.3 astronomical units of Earth, not strike it. All things being equal, the government may have laid this out as red herring, attempting to spread disinformation. Whatever the case, it is another piece of an enormous puzzle one must evaluate when trying to unravel the most diabolical conspiracy ever manufactured.

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