Rapper Azealia Banks: ‘Real Witches Do Real Things’ After Instragramming Herself Cleaning Grotesque Closet Where She Claims She Sacrificed Chickens For Years

Azealia Banks

If you thought 2016 couldn’t get more bizarre, just take a look at Azealia Banks’ latest Instagram story.

The 25-year-old singer – who has been embroiled in a series of controversies throughout her short career – confessed to her 443k Instagram followers that she has been sacrificing chickens for the past three years in the name of “witchcraft”.

The 212 hitmaker claimed in the series of Instagram clips that she had been carrying out the procedure as part of her “brujería” – which means witchcraft in Spanish. She then filmed herself cleaning out the area where the sacrifices had taken place.

She told the camera: “The amount of crap that’s about to come off my floor right now guys – oh my god. Three years worth of brujería. Yes, you know I gotta scrape all this s*** up.

“I got my sandblaster, my goggles. It’s about to go down. Real witches do real things,” she continued.

She later posted an image of a blood-stained wall, which was also emblazoned with a skull symbol.

Her followers were quick to take to social media sharing site Twitter over Banks’ shocking Instagram story, with one person tweeting: “Azealia Banks is sandblasting 3 years worth of blood and feathers off her floor from sacrificing chickens and i can’t stop laughing,” as another wrote: “azealia banks confessing 2 sacrificing chickens in her bedroom closet is the grand finale of 2016.”

azealia banks © Instagram azealia banks

A third added: “Yeah azealia banks is a weirdo. She’s has a closet full of feathers and decomposed remains of chickens that she sacrificed in there.”

Banks has been the centre of much scandal since her career started in 2012, one being a confrontation with a fellow aeroplane passenger while attempting to exit a Delta Air Lines flight that had just landed in Los Angeles – allegedly spitting in the man’s face before punching him and clawing his shirt.

azealia banks © Instagram azealia banks

Sarah Palin threatened a law suit against Banks in March 2016 in a response to a series of tweets where the latter attacked the politician, calling for “the biggest burliest blackest negroes” to “run a train on her,” and for someone to “film it and put it on worldstar.”

Original Article:http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/other/2016-just-got-weirder-azealia-banks-claims-she-is-a-witch-after-sacrificing-chickens-for-3-years/ar-BBxJFmo

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