The Plan All Along: Trump Riots Across US To Usher In Martial Law

Police detain a demonstrator during a protest against the election of Republican Donald Trump as President of the United States in Portland, Oregon

The Conservative Daily Post alleges civil disruption and violence in US cities is beng encouraged so President Barack Obama will be forced to call in the back-up of the US military.

The right-wing blog states: “[When there is] mass amounts of violence at the protests then the entire country is going to start noticing.

“If that happens then there is going to be pressure on the president to solve it. President Obama would then declare Martial Law.”

Conspiracists say this is to prevent Trump from becoming President and eventually force another election.

It has also been claimed that rioters are being transported into cities by bus to cause more unrest and chaos in the country.

The Conservative Daily Post adds: “There is proof out there that the protests are staged.

“There are protests going on all over the United States and in one part of the nation, Austin, Texas, they found the buses that were used to bring the people in. Again these are planned in order to create civil unrest.”

 Barack Obama may not be prepared for the worst DS

THREAT: Barack Obama may not be prepared for the worst

“President Obama would then declare Martial Law.”

Conservative Daily Post

Since Donald Trump’s shock win at the polls on Tuesday, cities up and down the country have been rocked by outbreaks of violence.

Anti-Trump protesters have been filmed marching through streets, hurling rocks through windows and setting fire to property.

One particularly shocking video shows rioters in Portland, in the US state of Oregon, using bats as weapons and viciously attacking each other.

Others have seen people marching through the streets screaming “f*** Donald Trump” and “not my president”.

A number of people online are now speculating that martial law – when the military takes over the functions of the civilian government and the population lose their basic constitutional rights  – is now a real possibility in the US.

Other countries have implemented it in similar times of national crisis when law and order is threatened by mass protests, such as in Iran in 2009.

Hundreds of thousands of people took the streets then to march against alleged election fraud by Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

As the protests desceneded into riots, the government instructed the army to use tear gas and carry out mass arrests – sparking international outcry.

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