Massive Sinkhole In Japan Swallows Five Lanes Of Roadway

A five-lane street in a Japanese city disappeared into the ground early Tuesday morning when a massive sinkhole opened up underneath it.

The five-lane road in the city of Fukuoka collapsed early Tuesday morning. Believe it or not, no one was injured in the sinkhole.

More than a dozen buildings lost power and damage was reported to some nearby buildings.

Officials said the cause of the collapse in the city’s Hakata district is under investigation, but linked it to ongoing subway construction nearby. A smaller sinkhole occurred in Fukuoka in 2014 at another location of the subway construction.

The massive cave-in, more than half an Olympic-size pool, appeared near the city’s busy Hakata station, with muddy underground water flowing into the hole.

The incident prompted the evacuation of some residents in nearby buildings.

Original Article:

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