Israel Reset After Trump Victory?

Trump Victory, Israel Reset?

Middle East talks warn that a Trump victory will be good for Israel and could set off a whole new set of rules in the region.

  • An Israeli cabinet member reportedly stated that Donald Trump being elected as the next U.S. president presents Israel with a unique opportunity to recast its Middle East policies.
  • Naftali Bennett, leader of the religious-nationalist Jewish Home party and a staunch proponent of Israeli settlement building, said it was now up to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to communicate to the U.S. administration and the world what he wanted and push for it.
  • Netanyahu, has welcomed Trump’s election, chatting with him by phone and posting a video on Facebook promoting the ties between the countries.
  • During the campaign, Trump made it clear he would support Israel in a number of critical areas, including moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
  • Palestinian officials are have urged the world to pay attention.
  • Bennett stated that the idea of a Palestinian state side-by-side with Israel was effectively dead.
  • Those not too happy with what the Trump victory could mean for the region, hold on to hope that he scales back on some of the promised made during the campaign.

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