Nibiru Alters Climate In Northeast US

Following an unusually mild winter with almost no snowfall, the northeast United States experienced b1d3f87c70ac21f79a3d873a59b358d66ad06da6an inexplicably warm summer; historically temperate regions, like the Adirondacks and the White Mountains, were socked with numerous record high temperatures that have baffled meteorologists across the nation.  Forecasters, including some of the country’s most respected climatologists, predict another warm fall and seasonable winter for areas normally ravaged by blistering cold and mountains of snow. Although the National Weather Service, NOAA, and the World Meteorological Organization provide no meaningful explanation for sudden, drastic climate change, ostracized scientists and whistle blowers attribute these earth changes to Nibiru, said to be a brown dwarf star with seven orbiting planets rapidly approaching our inner solar system.

Dr. Ethan Trowbridge, a former USGS climatologist, blames climate discrepancies on Nibiru’s proximity to our planet. “Nibiru is no myth,” Trowbridge says. “It’s real. It is here. The USGS has secretly monitored Nibiru’s approach for three decades, conveniently covering up its existence and influence on our planet with a plethora of lies—like blaming climate shift on greenhouse gasses. Until recently, and by recently I mean years, changes have been almost imperceptible. And could easily be attributed to over reliance on fossil fuels and canned hair spray. Now, things have changed.”

Dr. Trowbridge cites a leaked USGS memo as evidence of Nibiru’s influence on Earth. That memo (image below) demonstrates a significant deviation from established weather in the northeast US.


If all information is accurate, this forecast depicts a dangerous rise in median temperatures along the eastern seaboard. Many noteworthy scholars have argued that even a worldwide three degree shift will destabilize the Earth’s atmosphere and plunge this planet into another ice age with a resulting pole shift. If Nibiru has its way, this now seems a certainty.


“I live in the high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains,” said Dr. Trowbridge, “and last year we had no snow…can you believe that? No snow in an area normally blanketed by feet of snow. This summer, we had a dozen days exceeding ninety degrees accompanied by unprecedented high humidity. This has never happened before. And this is all a result of Nibiru’s proximity and position relative to Earth.”

His belief is backed by renegade Russian astronomer Dyomin Damir Zakharovich, who earlier this year divulged information about the 13599760_605975789572215_5440756167442199885_ndark star to Pravda and was subsequently booted off a German astronomy broadcast–Space and Beyond–for addressing public concerns regarding Nibiru. Once a close aid and scientific advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dyomin Damir Zakharovich now operates from the shadows, releasing information when he can.

“People will ask why so much drastic change in parts of the United States but not in other global areas,” Dyomin Damir Zakharovich said. “Is important to understand that changes fluctuate depending on where Nibiru is. It is not stationary. The Nibiru system moves. The planets around the brown dwarf orbit it. The precise position of the planets and the system itself dictate how the Nibiru system impacts Earth at any given moment in time. As it grows close, changes will be more widespread and pronounced. Nibiru is now very close.”

Several Nibiru researchers support his assertions and are urging the public to prepare for Nibiru’s arrival. Marshall Masters, a former CNN science features editor and Nibiru proponent, in parallel with information provided by theoretical astral projectionist Ed Dames, predict that Nibiru will arrive in our neighborhood by Christmas this year. If what they claim is true, Nibiru will be visible to the world–as large as our moon in the sky.

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