‘Fresh’ Heart Found In Ziploc In Field In Ohio

A heart was found in a field. (Source: WOIO)


A bizarre case out of Huron County has detectives looking for the person who belonged to a heart discovered in a field on Milan Avenue in Norwalk.

All the Norwalk police department has right now is a heart in a Ziploc bag. They’re hoping to determine if it’s human, and where it came from.

“This is pretty unusual. We have no idea where it came from,” said Sgt. Jim Fulton, with the Norwalk Police Department.

In late August, a North Central EMS crew idling at the Friendship Store on Milan Avenue came across the heart. Fulton said the heart was in good condition and had only just started to decompose. He says there’s no indication it was part of a violent crime.

“I talked to the Lucas County Coroner and she seemed to think that it hadn’t been in that field very long. It could have possibly been frozen prior to that,” said Fulton.

Initially, the paramedic who discovered it actually put it in the dumpster nearby but was later instructed to retrieve it for an investigation.

Fulton says they don’t even know if a crime has been committed here.

“We don’t have a body that we’re missing a heart from. So I guess it’s an unusual occurrence, is what you would say. It’s what’s listed on our report. We hope to be able to classify it as something else and close this out,” he said.

The Huron County Coroner said Tuesday that the heart appears to be human, but that pathologists in Toledo are running tests to confirm. They are also testing to see if there are any preservatives in the zip lock bag. A veterinarian is trying to rule out if the heart came from an animal, like a pig, which has a heart similar to a human.

“It could have come from a funeral home, an autopsy. There’s endless possibilities,” Fulton said.

Investigators are hoping to get some information from the public by getting the story out that will help determine where this mystery heart came from.

Original Article:http://www.cleveland19.com/story/33071367/heart-found-in-field-in-norwalk

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