Woman’s Finger Cut Off With Machete As Part Of Blood-Drinking Ritual

SUAMICO, WI (WBAY/CNN) – A Wisconsin man is facing charges after allegedly chopping off a woman’s finger with a machete as part of a blood ritual.

Police say 27-year-old Shelby Neuns was talking to Jonathan Schrap and his two friends about blood-drinking rituals Saturday.

Neuns told police she offered to let someone cut her arm and drink her blood. She says Schrap used a machete to make a deep cut in her arm and then filled a shot glass with her blood and drank it.

Later, someone had the idea to cut off someone else’s finger. Neuns says she was not using drugs or alcohol when she volunteered to have her pinky chopped off. She says Schrap used the machete to cleanly chop off her right pinky finger. He then put the finger in the freezer to cook and eat later, she told police.

When Neuns went to her boyfriend’s house later that night, she showed him the injuries, and his mom made Neuns go to the emergency room. Staff at the hospital called the police because they believed Neuns had taken part in a cult initiation.

Police arrived to find Neuns agitated. She said she didn’t want anyone to be charged because the ritual was voluntary.

However, police arrested Schrap and one of his friends, Nick Laabs. They tried to track down the other, a local rapper who goes by the name “Bloody Ruckus,” but were unsuccessful.

Schrap will face a preliminary hearing Sept. 21 while Laabs was released after questioning and not charged.

Original Article:http://www.walb.com/story/33023536/womans-finger-cut-off-in-blood-drinking-ritual

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