Mushroom Cloud Over Siberia Has Russians Fearing Nuclear Doomsday

An enormous mushroom-shaped cloud rises ominously above a Siberian town – sparking fears among witnesses that doomsday has arrived.

The terrifying sight could be seen for miles around and was captured on video from the city of Kemerovo, in Russia’s Kemerovo Oblast region.

Emergency services were inundated with calls from worried onlookers that a nuclear bomb had been dropped and that annihilation was imminent.

Not all thought it was an atomic blast
The terrifying cloud formation led many to believe Judgement Day was upon them
Ominous looking mushroom cloud has scared the people of Western Siberia
The ominous looking cloud led to emergency services being inundated with calls

Others feared there had been an explosion at the coal mines in the nearby Kuzbass region.

In fact, the terrifying-looking spectacle was in reality a rather beautiful, naturally occurring thunderstorm cloud.

The anvil-shaped cumulo-nimbus often appears after a heavy thunderstorm, meteorologists told news agency Sputnik.

Locals including Sergey Zmaznev recorded images and footage of the extraordinary cloud formation.

Mushroom cloud in the distance
The cloud could be seen for miles around
Mushroom cloud over Kemerovo
Scientists confirmed the cloud shape occurs naturally after heavy thunderstorms

While many were relieved by the news that life would continue, others took it as a sign from the gods that it was the perfect time to pick mushrooms – a favourite Russian activity at this time of year.

One social media user wrote: “A mushroom cloud has grown today so this is probably a hint that the ‘mushroom season’ is in full swing.

“It is time to pick mushrooms. So beautiful!”


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