Notice Black Helicopters Flying In Formation Near You? ‘Kept Mysterious For A Good Reason’ Says Enforcement

black helicopters

Boston residents have been noticing military helicopters flying awfully low over the downtown area several nights this week in a hush-hush Department of Defense exercise the agency is running in conjunction with the Boston Police Department.

Both agencies have refused to discuss the drill, other than to claim it isn’t related to any “world events.”

Supposedly a “community alert” was sent out, whatever that is and however that’s done, but it would seem many of the residents didn’t get the message.

FOX25 reached out to the Boston Police Department for a comment and claims it was told “specifics are kept mysterious for good reason.”

The Department of Defense also refused to comment.

Boston is just another dot on the map; these drills have been happening all across the country in recent years. It’s a repeated pattern of buzzing cities with no real widespread announcement first, scaring residents, and claiming it’s all need-to-know basis for public safety.

The “drills” (if that’s even what’s really going on) will continue through tomorrow; the real occupation is already here.

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