Earth Changes: Fish With Human Teeth Found In Michigan Waters- Native Of South America

Fishermen in Michigan have been catching a fish with human-looking teeth that is native to South America.

According to reports, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources confirmed several instances of the red-bellied pacu (shown above) being caught in local lakes.

Officials believe that the pacu’s existence in the area is likely related to a pet owner releasing them into a waterway.

The pacu, which has been called the “testicle-eating fish,” is native to South America but is imported to the United States for sale by pet stores for aquariums.

Since they can become aggressive, some pet owners may seek to get rid of them. Officials say exotic fish should never be released into local waters, urging fish owners to give them to another fish owner, return them to the pet store or try to donate them to an aquarium or zoo.

However, officials don’t believe the pacus will have much effect on local ecosystems, since they will not survive the cold winter.

Original Article:

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