37 Dead, More Missing After Heavy Flooding In Nepal

Nepal is reeling from recent Floods and landslides that have swept across various parts of the country, leaving at least 37 people dead in the last 24 hours according to reports coming out of the region. Twenty-six others have gone missing while more than 2,000 houses are inundated.

These tragic Landslides and floods have been triggered by incessant rainfalls that have left 15 dead in Pyuthan district, seven in Gulmi, four in Palpa, three in Makwanpur, two in Udaypur, three in Baglung, one in Banke and two in Rupandehi. Hundreds of families have been displaced in various parts of the country.

Excerpt From My Republica:
Monsoon-triggered floods and landslides in Pyuthan claimed at least 15 lives. And at least 23 others in the district have gone missing. Over 200 households are at high risk of being swept away by flooding and landslides. Among the deceased, five are from Lung VDC, two from Puja, and two others from Khawang. Shova Rijal and Kali Pariyar of Lung-6 were buried in landslide. Prem Thapa, 11, Ranjana KC, 40, and Sushila KC, 12, of Bahane Bajar were buried by landslide and later pronounced dead.

Original Article:http://endtimeheadlines.org/2016/07/37-dead-with-26-missing-due-to-widespread-floods-and-landslides-in-nepal/

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