Black Lives Matter Sued For Inciting Race War

Black Lives Matter Sued for Inciting Race War


Black Lives Matter advocates have been served with a lawsuit accusing them of inciting a race war, but two high profile members tried to avoid becoming part of the action.

Civil rights activist Al Sharpton and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder tried to thwart service for the complaint that accuses them of using anti-police rhetoric to incite violence as justification for ill treatment of blacks by law enforcement.

At the same time, BLM founder and co-defendant DeRay McKesson seemed to wear the lawsuit as a badge of honor, posing for a photograph with his process server as he was served at his Baltimore home. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan received his document through a third party at his Michigan home and President Obama was served through the mail, which is standard protocol, documents show. Four other BLM leaders were in the process of being served today.

“These are the brave gladiators of the radical black movement,” said attorney Larry Klayman, a former federal prosecutor who filed the class action case on behalf of law enforcement.

“They believe and act as if they are above the law, they don’t recognize the courts or any legal process. But this time, they are going to be held legally accountable. Their time is up.”

Klayman filed the suit on Saturday in response to five Dallas police assassinations by an Army veteran who adhered to a radical “black power” ideology. He accused the defendants of inciting violence “with the fiction that police officers and other law enforcement are intentionally and systematically targeting and hunting blacks and other minorities to kill them for no reason other than racism or sport.”

Since the July 7 Dallas slayings, three more officers died in Baton Rouge on the heels of a BLM protest.

The Baton Rouge assailant was a Nation of Islam follower, according to his YouTube channel.

Klayman said it was ironic that defendants like Sharpton and Holder are willing to provoke harm against police and non-blacks, but won’t stand up for their actions in court.

“Here you have the former attorney general, the highest law enforcement officer in the nation and this is the respect he shows for our laws,” Klayman said. “He opened the door, was served, and just dropped the documents at his feet.”

As for Sharpton:

“He was leaving his radio show in New York, when the process server approached him. He ran toward his car to escape,” Klayman said.

A server from SameDay Process started videotaping as Sharpton was getting into the back seat of a town car.

“I’ve got some papers for him, Mr. Sharpton, just have some papers for him,” said the process server as he rapidly followed Sharpton but was separated by burly bodyguards.

“Just throw it there,” said a guard, who took the papers and threw them on the ground.

None of the defendants could be reached for comment.

Klayman was a U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor during the Reagan administration and then went on to form the conservative advocacy groups Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch.

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