Mystery Booms Puzzle Nevada Residents

A mystery “boom” has the small town of Sonora looking to the sky.

The noise can often be heard weekdays during the summer months from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. It’s a big mystery.

Some think the noise is part of a mining operation, logging operation or even aliens. Geologist and educator Glen White believes he has the real answer.

Over the weekend White took video of explosions near an Army Depot 100 miles away from Sonora, outside Hawthorne, Nevada, where a private company disposes and dismantles old bombs.

“They go through old munitions bombs, grenades, then they destroy them,” White said.

White says the noise from the explosion could be bouncing off the atmosphere where air is dense. The noise then comes back down to earth hundreds of miles away.

“My back of the envelope estimate is that the sound from the explosion is bouncing off the mesosphere or stratosphere,” White said.

White said he has received reports that the explosions can be heard as far as Placerville, nearly 150 miles away from the blast site.

White has done some extensive research on these explosions and even plans to make it part of an educational series for the local schools around Sonora.

White can’t be 100 percent sure that all strange booms come from the army base. He welcomes criticism as long as it is scientifically backed up.

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