New Black Panther Party Gathering For Republican National Convention

Members of a black power movement are gathering in Cleveland as Republicans prepare to nominee Donald Trump to be their candidate for president.

As Republicans are gathering for their political convention in Cleveland, Ohio,

Demonstrators are also gathering, to protest the violence and racial injustice that have roiled the country.

While some Republicans have condemned racist comments from presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump,

James Evans Muhammad of the New Black Panther Party says the Republican party has a history of racism.

“Blacks have never, ever been members in the Republican Party because there is this overtone of racism as long as I can remember as a child. You see a black person in America who talks about joining the Republican Party you might as well be going to a Klan rally.”

The Black Panther Party was originally founded in 1966 in California.

It called on its members to arm themselves to counter the power of police.

The head of the New Black Panther party says its members plan to carry arms in Cleveland this month.

They’ll be able to do it legally, since Ohio law allows for the open carrying of firearms.

Original Article:

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