Obama Holds Secret Meeting With ‘Black Lives Matter’ Leaders After Dallas Attack

Barack Obama Holds Secret Meeting with Black Lives Matter Leaders After Dallas Attack

Barack Obama isn’t backing down from his support of Black Lives Matter after the movement led to the death of five Dallas police officers. Instead, he’s doubling down and inviting them to the White House – even the recently arrested.

It’s easy to assume that the meeting was some sort of publicity stunt on the part of the president, but the White House neglected to put the fact that the organization was involved on the president’s official schedule. Instead, they were listed as “activists.”

Black Lives Matter’s involvement with the meeting was instead outed by members of the organization on Twitter.

So Barack Obama is meeting with Black Lives Matter, but doesn’t want anyone to know about it.

President Barack Obama held a secret meeting on Wednesday, and his company is sure to anger many Americans still mourning the deaths of police officers in Dallas, Texas.

Black Lives Matter leaders spent three hours with President Obama Wednesday to demand action in regard to recent officer involved shootings.

DeRay Mckesson, one of the group’s most prominent figures, joined several other Black Lives Matter leaders at the White House to “bring up concrete actions” the president can take in order to appease its members.

“We are at the @WhiteHouse right now for a 3-hour convening w/ President Obama re: the recent events in #BatonRouge & across the country.” -@deray

“.@MsPackyetti + @micamaryjane are here at the @WhiteHouse convening, too. We will bring up concrete actions @POTUS can take to make impact.” -@deray

The White House blog, which lists out the president’s schedule, makes mention of a meeting with activists and law enforcement but does not specifically mention “Black Lives Matter.”

This isn’t the first time Obama has met with Black Lives Matter, and it won’t be the last. Despite recent events, the president isn’t backing down from his support of the organization.

One of the members invited was Deray McKesson, who was arrested just days ago in Baton Rouge during a protest over the death of Alton Sterling.

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Original Article:http://www.truthandaction.org/barack-obama-holds-secret-meeting-black-lives-matter-leaders-dallas-attack/

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