ISIS Suspected Nice Terror Attack, Death Toll Rises To 83


This is the horrifying moment a truck ploughs into a crowd of screaming revellers killing dozens on Bastille Day.

A scene of devastation was left on the sea front in Nice after what is believed to have been a terror attack.

Bloodied bodies were left strewn across the street in scenes of horror.

According to witnesses, a lorry driver ploughed into revellers along

Harjit Sarang, 42, a surrogacy lawyer from London, was in the city with her husband and two young sons, aged six and nine.

She has told the Mirror of the panic immediately after the incident as crowds rushed through the streets away from the main promenade.

She said: “We were told about the fireworks by someone in the hotel and decided to go along.”I was going to leave my husband to take the boys because I was so tired but I’m so glad I didn’t now.”

The fireworks had just finished and we were walking just off the main promenade when we saw people running and screaming through the streets.

Nice Bastille Day truck crash

“It was just sheer panic and with the volume of people it was a crowd mentality.

@harp_detectives Panic In Nice during Bastille Day celebrations
The attack came on France’s Bastille Day

“We just started running, it was so difficult to stay together and to stay calm, especially with two small boys. We just ran, we panicked, not even knowing in which direction our hotel was.

“My eldest son was yelling at us, ‘why have you brought me here, I’m never coming here again.’

“The worst thing is thinking we took our children into that.

“The family arrived in the city by train from Monaco today and are due to fly home tomorrow.’


Bullet holes are visible in the front of the truck

@harp_detectives Panic In Nice during Bastille Day celebrations
Hundreds were seen fleeing the scene of the truck attack
AFP/Getty Police officers stand near a van, with its windscreen riddled with bullets
Police officers stand near a van, with its windscreen riddled with bullets

A video posted on Twitter show terrified people rushing away from the scene of the incident.

Another clip shows panicked crowds, including a woman with a push chair, dashing for safety and falling over each other in their bid to escape.

There are also reports of gun shots – but as a firework display was part of the celebrations these are unconfirmed.

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