Possessed Man ‘Transforms Into Animal’ During Exorcism

Bizarre footage, claiming to show a man in the throes of demonic possession, has emerged online.

In the freaky clip, a man is seen writhing around on the floor of what is assumed to be a church with a crazed look in his eye.

As an exorcist shouts instructions at him in Spanish, he pulls at his clothes and starts to undress.

At a later point he appears to believe he is a snake and moves around the floor as one with a remarkable likeness.

The strange video was uploaded to YouTube claiming that it was an ‘extreme’ case of demonic possession.
Emmanuel TV Man transforms into animal as he’s possessed by demon

Man transforms into animal as he's possessed by demon
The man behaved erratically as he rolled around the floor of a church.

Exorcisms are largely associated with the Roman Catholic church, but other denominations are also known to carry them out.

It is not known where this particular ritual took place nor what church was responsible.

Original Article:http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/strange-footage-shows-possessed-man-8332850

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  1. People think that Exorcisms have to be violent, Or that you have to Yell or pray really really loud.
    That is Televisions and movie and Catholics B.S.
    When Jesus cast out the Demon Legion from the Demoniac man in the bible .
    Jesus didnt shout or get angry or have any kind of emotion except his authority
    He just said come out of that man you unclean spirit.
    All the TV stuff is Just Satan trying to make you thing that it is a difficult thing to cast out demons
    Gods word is still powerful weather you shout or whisper it
    Dont try it without that protection.

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