Miami Storm Causes Furniture To Rain From The Sky

This is the incredible moment it rained furniture in Miami , after stormy weather caused chairs and sun loungers to be lifted up and thrown into the road.

A resident captured the footage as balcony furniture shot across the sky, before landing in the streets of Biscayne boulevard, narrowly missing drivers.

Filmed on Saturday from what appears to be a block of apartments, the video picks up dramatic rumbles of thunder just before a sofa tumbles from the sky.

Moments later, a chair falls from a neighbour’s balcony, missing cars as it skids across the road.

 Storm in Miami drags furniture from hi-rise apartments
The furniture comes crashing down onto the road below


Astounded onlookers can be heard laughing and yelling “Oh my god” in the background as they watch the effects of the storms.

 Storm in Miami drags furniture from hi-rise apartments
The storm in Miami drags furniture from high rise apartments into the street below

More furniture pieces are flung from the high-rise apartments as another voice shouts: “Someone get outside and sit on the chair.”

The footage was posted on YouTube by user Eric C , and has been viewed more than 64,000 times.

 Storm in Miami drags furniture from hi-rise apartments
One piece of furniture flew into the air before landing near the water to get swept away

The national weather service in the Floridian city have issued a warning to swimmers of a high risk of dangerous currents this week as the rainy weather is set to continue.

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