Amateur Astronomer Captures ‘UFO’ Passing Jupiter

Mysterious footage of a ‘UFO’ hurtling past Jupiter has rocked the space enthusiast community.

The video shows Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, and three of its 67 moons.

Suddenly an unknown object appears to move across the planet in a diagonal direction.

The curious occurrence, which was captured by an amateur astronomer and posted on YouTube by Secure Team, has sparked endless debate.

Some observers think it’s a satellite, some say it’s a star while others cry asteroid, but one thing is for sure – nobody actually knows.

One commenter named Earthlab wrote: ‘I think we are getting a little to excited about that object.

‘If it was close to Jupiter it would not only have to be huge, it would have to be traveling at close to light speed.

‘I think it was more likely a satellite going over head, but only way to know for sure if by the direction it was traveling.’

Old Gregg was also sceptical, writing: ‘Looks like a satellite, It could be a number of things, there is absolutely no way you could judge the distance of this object via camera focus. 

‘I’m more inclined to believe it’s small and close to earth, rather than extremely large and moving at incredible speeds out in our solar system. Nice footage though.’

But Jeff Gogo replied to the doubters by saying: ‘Just a thought, after reading some of the comments, that this is just an ordinary earth satellite. If this was a satellite, I think the guy running the telescope would know.’

Secure Team describes themselves as ‘The research team that broke the boundaries of underground reporting, bringing exposure of the alien phenomenon and those trying to hide it back to the masses!’

Suddenly an unknown object appears to move across the planet in a diagonal direction

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