1. READ – The Lucifer Project (in PDF form)
    Where scientist tried to ignite Saturn and Jupiter with plutonium bombs. This was back in the day, so now what are they up too?


  2. Excerpt Intro from The Lucifer Project

    This is a documentation and study of the feasibility of creating a sustainable fusion reaction
    from an initial fission reaction on Saturn caused by a significant quantity of Plutonium-238 being
    inserted deep into the atmosphere. A fusion-ignited Saturn-sun would be the key to creating a
    human-habitable area on Titan. This report is the result of my intensive research on this subject
    since late 2002. I could not be so confident in my assertions if it were not for the additional key
    research of Jacco van der Worp, a Netherlands physicist, and former NASA Consultant, Richard
    C. Hoagland. I am sure I will be accused of being an alarmist, but I believe the information
    presented here will convince any open mind that there is at least some suspicious activity
    regarding NASA’s Galileo and Cassini missions.

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  3. Oh yea,
    I Thought the term “GRAND FINALE” was was specifically reserved for the ending display of the biggest fireworks?


    1. In that movie Titan,…………………………..does it even have a soul.
      I saw no reproductive parts.
      That creature reminds me of an old Outer Limits episode.
      So it’s on Titan, yay?


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