Pope Awards Medals To George Clooney, Salma Hayek & Richard Gere- For Some Reason

Pope Awards Medals to George Clooney, Salma Hayek, Richard Gere…for Some Reason

Pope Francis is a huge disappointment and a gigantic hypocrite. He was presented as a man truly concerned with the poor and the common man, but he has spent too many years focusing on Liberation Theology, which is also known as Christianized Marxism. He speaks of the poor but surrounds himself with the wealthy elite, as Marxists always do, and he demands that others take in the floods of migrant Muslims, but remains barricaded in the super opulent Vatican behind impenetrable walls (at least against Muslim refugees) while he lectures the West about opening their countries to the millions coming from the Middle East and Africa.

In recent months, even his belief in and commitment to Christianity and Catholicism has been questioned as he talks about the need for religions to meld together and the benefit of the Muslim onslaught to help the decrease in European population.

Most recently he invited wealthy, pampered actors George Clooney, Richard Gere, and Salma Hayek to receive the “Olive Medal” for peace at the Vatican. It was an odd selection and pointed up the strange focus on individuals who are very vocal about their concerns for the suffering Islamic refugees, but who have done virtually nothing personally to help the situation.

In particular, Clooney is a loud-mouth opinionated lefty who apparently cannot speak without reading from a script, as is evident in the video below, and who is facing withering criticism for his own hypocrisy.

Why the Pope would want to honor such dishonorable people is a mystery, and it should be of great concern to true Catholics who are seeing their religion hijacked by a cloaked Marxist who may not even believe in the mission of the church. But the video, which mostly addresses George Clooney, is a must see, and would be a terrific thing for the Pope himself to view and ponder.

It wasn’t clear from reports what the celebrities had actually done to merit the medals, although George Clooney is well known as a liberal activist and successful fundraiser for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, with attendees paying as much as $353,400 per person at a recent event held at the actor’s home.

In recent months Clooney has come under attack for criticizing Europe for not taking in more Syrian refugees, while insisting on absolute isolation in his $100 million palatial estate on Lake Cuomo.

Conservative commentator Alex Jones recently laid into Clooney as “one of the biggest fake, liberal, con-men of all time” for his visceral attacks on Donald Trump, fawning support of Hillary Clinton, and hypocrisy for scolding the West for not taking in more Syrian refugees while not lifting a finger to help.

In his critique, Jones includes a video from Paul Joseph Watson with more than 5 million views, which further excoriates the actor for his alleged double standards and moral self-righteousness. The critique notes that the actor owns five mansions, three of which are in Europe, and that he just bought another in Britain for 10 million pounds sterling. He further noted that the villa has eight empty bedrooms, and yet the actor isn’t exactly taking in migrants.

Pope Francis recently criticized Western Europe and the West for not being willing to take in more Muslim refugees. He seems unwilling to recognize that Islam was and is at war with the West, which can broadly be described as Christianity, Judaism, and western culture. The flood of refugees into the west is in the millions, but the Vatican remains closed to most, if not all Muslims who enter demanding shelter, food, and employment. Francis has no moral authority to preach to the West if his actions are not in accord with his words. Giving awards and hobnobbing with Hollywood movie stars does not qualify him for humanitarian citizen of the year.

And the Pope’s honoree, George Clooney, is equally pretentious in calling for action to help the poor Muslim immigrants. He could well be raising money for the poor who he demands we take in, though not to his house or his neighborhood, rather he is throwing a fundraiser for criminal Hillary Clinton to the tune of $353,000 per couple and then decrying the affect money has on politics.

Why these hypocrites, including Pope Francis and George Clooney, do not see how preposterous their positions are is beyond understanding. The video below certainly is a great example of how off-base these self-important Lefties have become.

Source: breitbart.com

Photo: HauteLiving



Original Article:http://www.truthandaction.org/pope-awards-medals-george-clooney-salma-hayek-richard-gere-reason/

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