Biblical Swarm Of Locust Descends On Russia
The massive swarm is so huge it has spread for 70 thousand hectares across farmland in southern Russia.Local authorities have reportedly scrambled vehicles and aircraft to combat the major infestation.

In the shocking video dark clouds of the insects cover the sky.

Swarm of locusts in the sky above RussiaPLAGUE: Biblical scenes as swarm of locusts fills the sky
Thousands of locusts in the sky in RussiaHELP: Witnesses watch in horror as thousands of locusts fill the sky
It causes chaos for cars whose drivers swerve to avoid the giant collection of bugs.Locust swarms appear in the area nearly every year, finding fertile breeding grounds on abandoned farmlands.This year, dry weather has created a superabundance of the creatures, which can each eat their own body weight in food every day.

Locust swarm in RussiaTERROR: The sun is blocked out by the massive brown cloud of locusts
But the creatures are disastrous for farmers because they can devastate agriculture by eating crops.In the past farmers have turned to starting fires and using insecticides in a desperate bid to protect their land.Last year a presenter found out the hard way about the creepy crawlies when

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