Deluded: Transgender Teacher Awarded $60,000 In Harassment Lawsuit For Being Called ‘She’

President Obama's transgender bathroom guidance has schools in an uproar.

A fifth grade teacher at Gresham-Barlow school in Oregon who was born a female, but transgendered into a male, won a $60,000 pay-off from the district after complaining of being called a “lady” and referred to as “she” in a harassing manner by fellow educators.

The school, for its part, paid the $60,000 while insisting no evidence of wrongdoing was found on the part of other educators, Breitbart reported.

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Leo Soell, the fifth grade teacher who was born a female, complained co-workers used “she,” “lady,” and “Miss Soell” repeatedly, instead of the preferred masculine terms, which were made known after a coming-out as a transgender last September, Breitbart reported. Soell also complained of being “harassed” and “misgendered,” and conspired against by fellow teachers to stop using a gender neutral bathroom at the school.

School officials then launched an investigation, but said they found no evidence of wrong-doing. They did not release their findings, the news outlet reported.

Soell reportedly was happy with the $60,000 payment.

“I actually feel safe now,” Soell said. “There will always be people who push the boundaires but I’m not worried about them anymore because I know that my district supports me.”

The principal also put out a statement of warning to other school staff, doubling down on the policy of “address[ing] transgender or gender non-conforming employees with their correct name and pronouns” else face “discipline, up to and including dismissal.”

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