Biblical Plague: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Flies Invade Town

An infestation of flies has taken hold of a part of Derby which is thought to have been caused by a nearby waste management plant

Dozens of residents have fled their homes and shops have been forced to close after a city suburb was invaded by hundreds of thousands of FLIES.

The infestation is believed to have been caused by a nearby waste management plant which is under investigation from the council over hygiene practices.

Residents living in the New Zealand area of Derby have been advised to keep windows and doors shut while some have found the fly invasion so unbearable they have fled their homes.

On Sunday the problem got so bad a branch of Sainsbury’s Local closed its doors.

A sign on the door read: “We will be closed due to the ongoing local fly issue, Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Morley Street Local Management.”

The local Sainsbury's store which is closed due to the fly infestation

The local Sainsbury’s store which is closed due to the fly infestation

The area has been plagued with flies in the last fortnight with residents blaming a waste and recycling plant.

Shows Waste Management Ltd (SWM), which operates the site, has been issued with an enforcement notice from the Environment Agency after a string of complaints.

Residents said it was like living “in a horror movie” after taking pictures of dozens of dead flies in their houses.

David Turner, who lives close to the waste site, said: “I went away for a couple of days and left my window ajar and when I returned there were about 70 flies in one room.

“It’s like a horror film. It’s disgusting and vile. It’s incredibly unhygienic and makes me feel angry.

“I live in the UK in 2016 and I don’t expect to be plagued by flies. I’ve got fly strips and fly spray but you just cannot win.

“In the end you just have to keep the windows shut. If you open them for even ten minutes, you will get about 20 flies inside.”

SWNS An infestation of flies has taken hold of a part of Derby which is thought to have been caused by a nearby waste management plant
The infestation of flies is thought to have been caused by a nearby waste management plant

Melissa Marriott, 39, said she had noticed the fly problem earlier in the year but it had got progressively worse in the past few weeks.

She said: “At the moment I have about 100 flies in my home. It makes me feel depressed and fed-up.

“I don’t want to eat in the house because of how many there are.

“It’s making us all miserable and I’m contemplating taking legal action and I’m sure other residents are as well.”

John Brown, 74, said: “I keep spraying them with fly spray but it doesn’t seem to work. I even take the spray to bed with me.

“They are in the bedroom, kitchen and living room. It’s been really bad and it’s not very good for hygiene.”

James Clarke, 55, said: “I’ve got fly papers all over the place. I cannot have the windows open.

“I’ve even covered the vents at the bottom of the stairs. It’s ridiculous and the smell from the site is horrific.”

Primary school teacher Andrew Howell, 30, said: “I know at least three people in my road who have just closed their homes up and gone to stay with relatives elsewhere.

“It’s okay to do that if you’re retired or have family living nearby but a lot of us have to work and must stay. It’s horrific and I actually dread coming home.”

Shopkeeper Velnayagam Kathiramathamby said: “Normally I would leave the shop door open but I can’t at the moment because too many flies come in.

“That makes it very hot because we have the fridges working in here. The flies are very annoying.

“I have been spending about £10 to £15 a day on fly spray but it doesn’t get rid of them.”

No one from SWM was available for comment but a letter sent to residents purporting to be from the company said: “Over the past few weeks we have been made aware of issues which have potentially been a result of the waste on the site.

“It was agreed at the request of Shows Waste Management Ltd with the Environment Agency to temporarily suspend the permit until we are happy the site has been cleaned and sanitised.”

The Environment Agency has now issued SWM with a suspension notice, banning them from accepting more waste material on the site.

A spokesperson said: “On May 17 we agreed with SWM that no further movement of materials into and out of the site.

“SWM have started, and are continuing, to treat the waste on site with insecticide to help control the fly infestation.”

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