Could It Be? Town Plagued By Repeated Sightings Of Werewolf

A werewolf and a grassy bank

Families fear a werewolf is on the prowl in Hull

Eyewitnesses say they have been left traumatised after encountering the half-man, half-wolf beast some believe is a werewolf called Old Stinker first sighted in the city 200 years ago.

Like the title character in hit 1980s movie An American Werewolf in London, the Hull creature is described as having glowing eyes.

A paranormal team on the hunt for the mystical creature scoured graveyards, allotments and abandoned factories by torchlight.

And shortly after midnight, they spotted the monster after hearing it crashing around in the undergrowth on the banks of Barmston Drain which flows through the city to Beverley.

Folklore expert Charles Christian was the first to spot something in the pitch black, but clouds drifted over the moon making it impossible to use his camera.

Paranormal investigators search a churchyard

Paranormal investigators search a churchyard

The barrister turned paranormal expert said: “I saw two eyes moving through the undergrowth. It was clear it was a large animal, not a cat.

“It was moving very noisily. It did not seem afraid even though I was shining a torch at it. It seemed more curious.

“I would have been scared except I knew it was on the bank on the other side of the drain and it seemed an incredible distance to jump even for a werewolf.

“There was a lot of heavy foliage and undergrowth and it just disappeared after a few minutes, heading away from the bank. I thought the eyes would be red but they were yellow. Then they seemed to turn to green.”

His wife Jane, 64, said: “All I could see were the eyes and heard the crashing of the undergrowth as it prowled about. I was scared.”

The creature has been spotted by factories

The creature has been spotted by factories

The werewolf hunters had been hoping to stalk the creature but were thwarted by the hard ground leaving them unable to see any footprints.

Mike Covell, the local folklore expert leading the search, said: “Bushes had been crushed and plants uprooted like a tank had gone through.

“It was definitely something big. Then we heard a cracking of the wood as we saw whatever we saw.

Hull has many factories

Families fear the werewolf could be lurking near factories and riverbanks in Hull

“The werewolf hunts will continue with every full moon.

“We are determined to sweep the whole area and leave no stone unturned. The trouble is we cannot sniff the creature out.

“The overwhelming stink from the local tannery is masking its smell.

“Some residents thought it was a joke but the vast majority are treating this very seriously. We want to find what is out there.”

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  1. WTF?
    Couldn’t use camera – cloud cover.
    Couldn’t track – hard ground.
    It wasn’t afraid I shone my torch at it – (from a football field away).
    It’s eyes were, red, no….yellow….wait green, like that fu…ing stop light.
    It -(the were the fuck am I wolf) was “Prowling” hoping to steal a car, or rob somebody? If it were really there none of you would have been able to testify!

    What you fellows need is my new airborne scent tracking device called “Futsmella”.
    I know all of you have been thrown off track by thinking that werewolf scent in your nose was it…..only to find it was just a dried up dodo chip stuck on your upper lip from the night before when you were devouring you boyfriends ass.
    Sooooo. get my Futsmella scent tracking were the fuck wolf device.

    Or just get a fucking dog!!

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